Speak Out Loud!

Speak Out Loud!

Always looking for new challenges and constantly seeking improvements, we just launched an ambitious internal program for speakers and lecturers, aptly named Speak Out.

This initiative is closely linked to our well established company culture striving for positive change and bettering of our own team and the community we live in. Speak Out will help our enthusiastic colleagues develop their presentation skills, so they can spread and share their knowledge more efficiently on conferences, university lectures or school presentations. Experienced in-house mentors will monitor and help their progress, while the company will provide additional support to members of our team in their preparation for a public event.

We’re putting much effort and hope into the program, as we understand that public speaking is a very gratifying and beneficial skill, but also one that is extremely tough to master. This being said, we’re confident Speak Out will prove to be successful and deliver fresh, brave and outstanding ideas to larger and larger audiences.

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