How diversity helps us build a better team

How diversity helps us build a better team

Nemetschek Bulgaria and diversity go hand in hand. And what’s even better – it’s a totally natural thing and works perfectly for us. Here's why.

These days, diversity is all the hype. It has become important, almost obligatory and more complex for any business than 5, not to mention 10 or 20 years ago.

We’re happy to say that for us diversity has always been an asset rather than an issue. Our company has a diverse, free-thinking and free-flowing team, connected by a passion for innovation and by our very specific and by now well-defined company culture. And that's not because we're worried about what's considered cool these days. Freedom and equality come naturally to us simply because of our outlook on life and professionalism.

Gender Diversity

Are we aiming at a perfectly equal split of male and female representation in the company? Nope, it’s not really the goal we’re going for.

Women have their place in Nemetschek Bulgaria – as directors, team leads, senior developers or rookies. Some in-house teams are predominantly female, while others feature mostly male professionals. And that's not something we want to change because we believe in the equal treatment of men and women, and we also value talent and expertise first and foremost. This approach has lead to a very real gender equality in the work place.

Age Diversity

Just like rock’n’roll, the IT industry is a young man’s game. Or so they say. We get the sentiment and could even agree to a large extent. We have to agree – after all, a lots of our current employees are below the age of 30.

Still, just last year 43 of our colleagues passed the 5, 10, 15 or even 20 year mark of working in the company. Plus, 5 of the employees that started off with Nemetschek Bulgaria back in 1999 are still on board.

In practice, our colleagues range from juniors fresh out of their teen years to senior specialists who are well in their 50s. And there's a simple explanation for this generational span in our workplace. We juggle multiple student and intern programmes in order to help young people jump-start their IT careers and attract new, highly motivated members to our team. At the same time, our retention rate is 2,5 times higher than industry average - people simply love working here and usually spend years and years (often 10+) learning, developing and growing professionally as part of the big Nemetschek Bulgaria team.

Diversity of Expression

Freedom of expression is a stepping-stone to our success.

Different opinions, challenging statements and bold ideas are most welcome here. Because we're actively encouraging difference of opinion, discussion and change. That's one of the first things any new employee learns when starting his/her career with us (and one of the main things keeping people here happy) – there are no closed doors, and no truths written in stone. Except the ones concerning freedom and diversity.

Unity in diversity

Yes, we are a tight-knit team that gets stronger and more united because not despite of its diversity.

Nemetschek Bulgaria employees do sports, play in bands, brew their own beer, collect vinyl, organize charity fundraisers, build their own houses from scratch… You get the picture.

We’re one big team of totally different personalities that come together in one big, homogenous IT company. And it is exactly that strangely effective mix that makes us what we are: an IT company like no other.

To be continued...

Though crucial, diversity is only one of the reasons we love working here. But we have a lot more reasons we love our job – if you're interested in what they are, click on Reasons We Love Our Job.

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