"In 2020 we learned just how much we can rely on ourselves"

In the very end of 2020, the CIO Magazine Bulgaria turned to our IT Director Youri Metchev with a few questions on the challenges of the COVID-19 times and how the IT industry adapts to them.

"For us, 2020 was mostly business as usual," calmly summarizes Metchev in the very beginning of the interview. But then quickly gets into more detail.

"Probably the greatest challenge we faced was switching to all-remote work in very short terms. In a matter of 2 days our IT team had to make the transfer from the office environment to working from a distance. And all had to happen so smoothly, so that none of our 300 colleagues would feel any inconvenience. We also had to secure the connections between our IT structure and that of our partners (DocuWare Group, Bluebeam, Vectorworks, Ricoh, among others)."

What helped the team manage, were the company's vast experience, says Metchev.

"We do what we do for 21 years now. We've developed a lot of great processes and practices that are of immense importance in extraordinary situations like this one. In 2020 we learned just how much we can rely on ourselves"

Read the interview in its entirety (in Bulgarian only).