Reasons We Love Our Job

Reasons We Love Our Job

We've got plenty of them. And thought it best we write them down, then gathered them up in a nifty series of articles.

All in all, we'd like to tell you more about our company and its peculiar atmosphere. But why would any of this be interesting for you?

We were mainly hoping that by going through the reasons we love working at Nemetschek Bulgaria, we could inspire readers to do a similar list of their own. 

After all, if your reasons to love your job align with the culture of the company, then you've landed on the right place to create and grow. And isn’t that one of the most important aspects of your personal and professional development?

"So, what's so great about that job of yours?"

That's a question that gets thrown at us more often than you could imagine. And it's a very normal, reasonable thing to ask - would have been the first thing on our minds, had the tables been turned.

Coming up with a proper answer has proven to be tougher than expected. After all, it's easy to state your satisfaction but much harder to put it in words. To explain it simply but not superficially, to make the answer concrete enough for everyone to understand but not too complicated or too dry as to lose the audience's attention.

Here we tried to make clear what lays beyond the day-to-day workflow, what inspires us to come to the office. We tried to lay out the often hard-to-explain specifics of our company culture and organization, the inner dynamics and all the benefits of being a team player at Nemetschek Bulgaria. The diversity, the freedom, the opportunities and the responsibilities of each and every one of us here.

How the company grows and develops along with its employees, how they influence that process, helping Nemetschek Bulgaria stay on the progressive and free-thinking side.

Our original idea was to write one article about the reasons we love our job. Which turned into two. Which progressed into a real series. And we feel this development is only fitting – every next article uncovers new and more intriguing aspects of working in Nemetschek Bulgaria. It's a highly interesting process for us – and we hope, for you too. 

To see all publications in the series, click here – Reasons We Love Our Job. Have a nice read.

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