How we maintain organizational balance and smart leadership

How we maintain organizational balance and smart leadership

How to make your organization both functional and loved by its employees? It’s simple (just kidding - not simple at all) – go for a progressive organizational structure and smart leadership. Do we have those? Check and check!

A matter of organization

Today, an overwhelming number of companies stick to the very traditional hierarchical organizational structure – with one or more CEOs on top, layers of management underneath and a swarm of low-level employees at the bottom.

However, Nemetschek Bulgaria has never been a very traditional company. In order to stay away from the typical corporate model, to ease internal communication and guarantee free and comfortable working atmosphere, we opted for a relatively flat organizational structure with a thin management layer. What we do is extend the management layer horizontally and not vertically, replacing management levels with functional management.

Time has proven this decision right – with some minor adjustments, we have been able to stick to a flat structure even though our company has been growing by the year.

Leaders not followers

Here at Nemetschek Bulgaria we like to think of leadership not exclusively in relation to certain positions. We consider leadership to be a set of skills, the development of which we like to encourage and nurture – in each and every one in our team. Accordingly, leaders work very close to the various teams and employees, securing direction, commitment and understanding of the common goal. 

Leadership in Nemetschek Bulgaria has a major transformational role – constantly looking for ways to improve teams, enhance inner cooperation, reach new levels of effectiveness and ultimately lead a very dynamic working network of groups and individuals.

Leadership here is also very much laissez-faire (a.k.a. delegative leadership). Meaning – less direct management and micromanagement, more hands-off approach, more freedom to the employees, delegation of decisions to employees and very high level of trust. This last feature is closely linked to our hiring process – in order to delegate and trust, each leader has to work with individuals who would enjoy their freedom and understand the responsibilities that come with it. 

Nemetschek Bulgaria leaders have also adopted a rather democratic approach – regularly including employees in the decision-making process (on a team level, of course) - setting up team goals, discussing overall team workflow and collaboration.

These approaches to leadership guarantee that:

  • there is a free, relaxed working environment where knowledge is distributed

  • team members are trusted by their leaders, and vice-versa

  • leadership skills are nurtured and employees are encouraged to take on various management tasks

  • all employees are encouraged to share their opinion and participate in certain parts of the decision-making process

To be continued

So, these are our organizational structure and leadership characteristics in short. But we have a lot more reasons we love our job – if you're interested in what they are, click on Reasons We Love Our Job.

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