"For us, 2020 turned out better than expected"

"For us, 2020 turned out better than expected"

In a recent interview for Economy.bg our CEO George Brasharov took a look back at a tumultuous but overall successful 2020.

"My outlook has always been moderately optimistic," says Brashnarov. "And given all of last year's circumstances, I was extra careful with any business forecasting. But now I can gladly say that 2020 proved to be one of the best years for Nemetschek Bulgaria. Not only because we confirmed how many strong partnerships we managed to build in two decades time but also because we were once again reassured of our own strengths, our great working practices and processes we had been developing for years. The financial results are but a reflection of that - our income increased by 13%. This is a better result than the local IT industry average. It also surpasses our own expectations."

Further on, Brashnarov commented on the business opportunities that the COVID-19 pandemic presented our company with:

"I think the biggest opportunity for us was that many companies and organizations, and society as a whole finally came face to face with the crucial importance of digitalization. They realized that it is needed now, right now - not tomorrow, nor in a week's time. And that in many cases digitalization is the difference between excelling in turbulent times and going out of business."

Read the interview in its entirety (in Bulgarian only).

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