2020: A Most Peculiar Year

2020: A Most Peculiar Year

Weird Good Year

2020 was weird, to say the least. But looking back at it, we can firmly say it was yet another good year for our team. Here's what we achieved and are most proud of - in brief.

Coming Out Stronger

Challenges help us grow. The greater they are - the harder, better and stronger we become. The outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic was a challenge like no other we had encountered before. It came out of nowhere but didn't catch us off guard - through all these years, we had been strengthening our team and creating solid, reliable partnerships with other outstanding companies.

This proved crucial - we never stopped developing our major projects, continued communicating and cooperating with our partners and ultimately managed to meet our goals.

What's more - our big team grew by 10%! Greetings and salutations to all of our new colleagues!

Hear Us ROAR

We started ROAR back in 2019 and continued developing it throughout 2020. What is ROAR, you ask? You can read our long-ish description but in short: ROAR is more than an in-company programme or a number of loosely-knit initiatives - it is our very own way of encouraging each and every one from our big team to be more daring, more active, more able and more caring. Because what moves us forward is our company culture and our firm belief that We act. We dare. We can. We care.

ROARers is our new initiative that we started recently as an apparent part of ROAR. We wish to put ROARers as the natural answer to each colleague's question: "How can I contribute more?" It is a way to encourage and award each colleague who has put an effort into being a better version of himself, into popularizing the Nemetschek Bulgaria brand, into improving the work atmosphere, into strengthening the company culture, values and philosophy.

Thus, a ROARer is Nemetschek Bulgaria team member who epitomizes our ROAR slogans - he acts to positively influence others and become a better person, he dares to invest his time and skills into new initiatives, he can do a lot and isn't afraid to share his skills with others and he cares about the surrounding environment, always trying to shape it and improve it.

The Young Lions

Driven by our constant desire to positively influence youngsters and teach them the wonders of the software industry, we continued our traditional school and university students initiatives. 

For obvious reasons, our annual intensive 2-week students workshop Speed IT Up was held online. Still, it proved beneficial for everyone involved - the students had loads of fun (and learned lots of neat new skills), while their mentors successfully managed to guide them and handle all the communication while streamlining teamwork.

During this year, our traditional internship programmes proved successful (as always!) and helped a lot of young enthusiasts improve their skills by experiencing a real working environment. What youngsters find particularly great about their internship at Nemetschek Bulgaria is the opportunity to combine going to the Uni and going to the office - this gives everyone the best of both worlds! Of course, we're happy to have them as part of our team!

Celebration Time

We like making each colleague know just how important his/her character and skills are to us all. Especially if he/she has been around for years now.

2020 saw 43 (!) of our colleagues passing the 5, 10, 15 or even 20 year mark. And we made sure to celebrate these milestone achievements the right way - by awarding everyone and helping them feel extra special.

Thumbs up, friends!

Bright New Online Presence

As you have probably noticed, our web presence has been significantly improved by the shining new design and in-depth content of Nemetschek.bg! We put a lot of effort into creating a better looking and much more informative website for our company and our big team.

Check it out to learn more about our history, drivers, expertise, services, software solutions and of course - check out our open work positions!

A Word from Our Partners

A few words actually. This time - from our strategic and long-term partners. Just click play on the video below.


We did good, didn't we? 

Cheers for another good year!

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