Why you would love our Performance Marketing job opportunity

Why you would love our Performance Marketing job opportunity

Discovering your real passion and field of expertise you want to explore, develop or master is not as easy as it seems. It takes years of experience and responsibilities to find out what’s really “your thing”. But once you do, the next quest is discovering the place you want to contribute to and grow in.

Sometimes, finding the right company for your growth as a professional is even more important than finding the right job. And by “right” we mean “the one that suits you most”. Not the one your friends like or the one giving you more perks. But the one that makes you feel worthy and challenges you to put your passion, desire and knowledge in everything you do. The same one for which you would go the extra mile with no hesitation. 

It’s like meeting your soulmate – unexplainable chemistry that gives you wings to fly and flourish! (Yeah, alright, sounds a little girlish, but let’s be honest – even if we don’t make statements about it, we still experience the emotion.)

We know it’s different for everyone, but here’s a list of reasons why we think our opening could sound like a perfect fit for someone like you, or… maybe you in particular.

#1 Grow from an Expert to a Strategist

Having enough knowledge to be an expert in marketing data analysis, it might be the time for you to start developing strategies on your own. Since we don't have other professionals in this role, you will be the one we'll follow. You will have the chance to develop channel strategies, define targets and KPIs, derive insights and step upon them to create another strategy, helping us create a better customer journey.

#2 Have ownership

Being a team player is a definite requirement for us, but it also comes with the bonus of having ownership on what you're expert in. We can challenge you to be better and dig deeper, but we're also respectful to others' knowledge and expertise. 

#3 Help other companies level up

Part of our company’s business is reselling B2B software solutions, mainly on the Bulgarian market. It could be quite interesting to create, monitor and iterate on campaigns for lead generation and develop nurturing strategies, helping people find the right tools to boost their business efficiency.

#4 Never get bored

Saying that, our marketing team is currently responsible for 6 brands, which could be quite challenging at times, but also definitely not boring. And of course, the key is planning and prioritization, so that we don’t feel overwhelmed by unbearable workload. We operate like a mini marketing agency inside of our company, but we’re taking time to dig deeper, try to make things meaningful and not just execute tasks.

#5 Work with people who love their job

We’re not going to brag about team spirit, but loving what you do is one of the most powerful motivators that affect not only you, but also people around you. And this is what we have here. Regardless of our professional role (content creators, designers, web developer, event organizer), we love what we’re doing, we love working with each other and we love it to be exactly here. Hope you would as well.

#6 Have a great diversity in the team

A diverse team is a successful recipe for a balanced and well performing team. We have it to a great extent, not only in terms of different roles, but also gender-wise, hobby-wise, characters-wise. In this small team of 7, you can meet historians, musicians, digital artists, photographers, music podcasters, tech geeks, dog lovers, wine lovers, beer fans, painters, travelers, tour guides, air yoga practitioners and so much more. What would you add up?

#7 Learn and grow

Our company's biggest investments are those in the development of our people. Professional trainings, online platforms for self-education, conferences, team workshops – you name it – we support your growth and find it important for both of us. And it’s not only about your professional role, but also about your personal development, offering different programs, coaching or even mental health care.

 #8 Help others grow

This is not just a team mindset, but part of our company culture. We believe that knowledge transfer is important for both the team and the person and we’re finding ways to encourage this behavior. Being the only expert in digital advertising in our team, we’re looking forward to learning from you, so that we can achieve more together.

#9 Work for a company where people come first

Bold statement? Maybe it sounds like one, but we actually mean it. And you can see it in many simple gestures or management decisions, or in your team leader’s attitude. It is in the air and we love it.

If you already feel some chemistry starts burning, explore the opportunity we have for you and let’s see if we are this perfect match!

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