Our colleagues are the company's greatest achievement

Our colleagues are the company's greatest achievement

As we all know 42 is the "answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything". At Nemetschek Bulgaria we always strive to be better, to give more, to exceed expectations. So we decided to add +1 to this number and what we got was the answer to the ultimate question of long-term relations, dedication and value – 43! A very special number because in 2020 there are as many as 43 of our colleagues who celebrate 5, 10, 15 or 20 years with the company!

  • 24 colleagues celebrate 5 years
  • 9 colleagues – 10 years
  • 3 colleagues – 15 years
  • 7 colleagues – 20 years

Those are pretty impressive numbers, especially when considering the dynamics of the IT sector. And it is even more impressive that more than 50% of the people in Nemetschek Bulgaria have been part of the company for at least 5 years.

Being together

In 2020 we often heard the words “together”, “community”, “all of us”. Those words, and especially the values they represent, have always played a major role in Nemetschek Bulgaria. Because our colleagues are the company's greatest achievement. Our colleagues, who work every day building successful partnerships, helping businesses grow, bringing a positive change in the world.

We believe that our organizational culture greatly contributes to the decision of the people to dedicate so many years to Nemetschek Bulgaria. We are looking for long-term partnerships. We challenge ourselves to be free and proactive, to give ideas, to speak out, without having to worry about negative consequences. We believe that this kind of company culture contributes to our growth as people and as a company and to the opportunity to enjoy stability and security, but also freedom.

Sharing common values

Our colleagues are not only the company's greatest achievement, but also the most precious one. Thus, this year we have decided to give a special gift to everybody, who is celebrating an anniversary – small sized gold bars of 999.9 purity. Why gold? Because gold symbolizes something precious. Gold as a symbol of how much we value each other. And as a symbol of the investment of the people in the company and of the company in the people.

We would like to thank our colleagues for all these years of dedication and shared emotions! We wish them to be healthy, free and to keep bringing value to everyone around them!

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