How to Be Responsible in Times of a Pandemic

How to Be Responsible in Times of a Pandemic

So it has come to this... No need to despair, though. Good news is: adaptation is easier than it seems! 

Adapt by Embracing Technology

We have 2 words for you: digitization and automation. These terms are anything but new, especially when it comes to the big business in Europe, North America and Asia. But it is now that digitization and automation prove to be more important than ever.

Work Remotely

In order to act responsibly and keep its employees safe, without stopping the work processes, most companies allow everyone to work from home. Remote work and remote collaboration are achievable and available, now. Here, at Nemetschek Bulgaria, we continue our usual activities pretty much uninterrupted, thanks to various project management software tools, including but not limited to Atlassian’s Jira, Trello, Bitbucket and Confluence. Thus we’re able to work, comment, exchange information, edit and collaborate on a number of levels. It all works, guaranteed.

Automation for the People

Automated workflows mean less hustle and bustle for everyone – from the managerial staff to the very last employee. And the less stressed everyone is in these very stressful times, the better. A lot of the usual work actions can be automated based on business rules, or decision points. And most workflows are fully customizable at any point to optimize the flow of information through the team. DocuWare Workflow Manager is a good automation idea, to start with.

Less Paperwork

Go paperless! No, really. What better time to stop going through mountains of paper documents than now? DocuWare is the ideal solution for remotely handling documents, approving invoices and providing customers with required information. This software tool is extremely well organized and easily searchable, accessible both from a personal computer and a smartphone.

Keep Your Team Spirit Alive

You’ve managed to build up a great team and now it’s important you keep it together. Don’t stop communication within the team – communication is crucial. Use Teams, Zoom, Skype, GoToMeeting, Viber (or whatever suits you best) to arrange video meetings, talk about this and that – just the way you used to do back in the office. It’s an ideal pressure relief and keeps the bonds within the team strong.

Embrace a creative approach to recreate the usual office atmosphere and enforce your team spirit by employing all possible means. To continue feeling the long home office days like usual work days, stick to your own routine and advise others to do follow.

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