Speed IT Up 2020: A Most Peculiar Workshop

Speed IT Up 2020: A Most Peculiar Workshop

What we consider our biggest achievement for the first half of 2020 is the way we handled the unexpected crisis that shocked the world. Nemetschek Bulgaria’s team never stopped working, didn’t postpone or abandon a single project and was in constant contact with its strategic partners. Thumbs up for us!

Same goes for another thing defining us as a company: investing in the skills and knowledge of young students – future IT-specialists and our potential colleagues. That’s why we’re happy to announce the successful completion of yet another of our intensive Speed IT Up workshops for school students.

Between July 20th and 31st 2020, 16 young enthusiasts from 4 Bulgarian cities learned how a dedicated IT team functions and gained some very real working experience. Sure, it was a peculiar edition of Speed IT Up – because of the current situation, it had to be conducted online – from start to finish. This proved to be unusual and at times challenging, as the Nemetschek Bulgaria mentors are much more used to the more traditional person-to-person social interaction. Still, the workshop progressed according to plan and, quoting the words of one participant, “was a great adventure”.

11 of our colleagues (or mentors, if you will) were assisting the kids along the way, helping them organize work, finish their tasks on time and learn how to work with Jira and Confluence, VPN and VC, C# and SQL, Bootstrap and GitHub. The mentors spent hours and hours, day after day, taking into consideration each participant’s strong points, helping them with all of their work issues and teaching them how to work more efficiently and how to interact with other team members.

Both teams The Horde and Code Monkeys were given the same task – to develop a parking app that would help Nemetschek Bulgaria employees lease, rent out and pay for parking spaces. It wasn’t an easy feat – and still in just 2 weeks all participants had learned how to work together, how to meet deadlines and develop a working, user-friendly product. A most peculiar transformation indeed, at a most peculiar workshop.

To quote another one of those young enthusiasts – “I mostly enjoyed working with the other students and with the mentors. If you manage to keep this workshop spirit, it will continue progressing on its own :)”. We’re very, very glad to hear that the kids managed to experience and appreciate Nemetschek Bulgaria’s very particular company culture and team spirit. This, added to the knowledge and skills they gained, is what Speed IT Up is all about.

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