The Blessings of Digital Collaboration

The Blessings of Digital Collaboration

You've often heard that digital collaboration will help you get work done quicker, communicate better and keep your workflow flawless. But how exactly?

Times of Change

Man’s fear of change is surprisingly strong and consistent. That’s why digitization and innovation are dreaded to this day and the introduction of a new software tool might scare whole company departments to death. This reaction is as natural, as it is unfounded. Software tools for digital collaboration are developed so that can be as simple and intuitive as possible. Depending on which tool we’re talking about, getting used to working with them might take days or weeks. But it usually pays off even faster.

Access Anytime, Anywhere

Neat, ah? Thanks to the largely web-based software solutions, you don’t even have to be at the office to do office work. You can do half of your daily tasks on your phone, and finish the more complicated ones on your laptop – on your couch or on the go. Gain access to latest developments, issues, comments and emails in mere seconds – all you need is a good Internet connection.

Never Forget a Task

You’ve tried everything – writing it down on a sticky note, marking it in your wall calendar or asking that other colleague to remind you of the deadline. And you still don’t seem to make it? Digital collaboration will take care of that right out – you’ll get tasks and issues assigned to you, so both you, your teammates and your team leader might have quick access to what the deadline is and what has been done so far. Try Atlassian’s Jira for better task management.

Collaborate Simultaneously

Tired of asking what’s the latest version of that file saved on the server? Or wondering which email attachment is the one you should be opening? With digital collaboration, this will become a thing of the past – you and your colleagues can write, comment and edit the same texts, tracking changes and comments in real time. Try Jira for content team collaboration.

Work Faster

Yup, digital collaboration tools might look sophisticated at first. But truth is, working without them is a lot more time-consuming than doing so with them. Instead of going through a pile of papers to find the info you need, you can access it with a simple search. Instead of wondering what the status of a task is and asking ten colleagues about it, you can check it in mere seconds. Finish the tedious tasks in seconds and spend more time on what’s really important. For more efficient document collaboration, try DocuWare.

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