Nemetschek Bulgaria forms new partnership with Ricoh, following the acquisition of DocuWare

Nemetschek Bulgaria forms new partnership with Ricoh, following the acquisition of DocuWare

On the 2nd of July 2019 Ricoh has announced a definitive agreement to acquire DocuWare, a leading provider of Content Services software and minority shareholder in Nemetschek Bulgaria.

David Mills, Corporate Senior Vice President, Ricoh Company Ltd, says: “Our ambition at Ricoh is to “empower digital workplaces”. What that means in practice, is connecting people to information faster and more conveniently, improving communication and creativity. The synergy between Ricoh and DocuWare speaks directly to this ambition. As a long-time partner, Ricoh understands the power of DocuWare’s channel to deliver document management and workflow automation solutions to customers. Ricoh wants to strengthen and grow this route to market and is committed to helping and learning from DocuWare and its management team.”

For us at Nemetschek Bulgaria this is a great recognition, since the biggest part of the software development of DocuWare’s product has been developed by our specialists for 20 years. We have grown high levels of expertise and nowadays more than 60 professionals are dedicated to developing and distributing the system.

The deal with DocuWare is expected to close over summer 2019. Following completion of the deal, DocuWare will operate as a subsidiary of Ricoh with Dr. Michael Berger and Max Ertl remaining as presidents. Here’s their statement: “DocuWare has a bold growth plan, and that includes enabling current and future partners with leading document management and workflow automation technology. Having Ricoh as a strong investor and owner gives us the certainty that we can achieve our goals and continue to be a reliable, trustworthy and innovative provider for the entire DocuWare partner and customer community.”

Our company considers the acquisition as establishment of promising partnership with one of the most influential companies in the digital transformation field and we’re curious about what the future holds for us.

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