Software development


Build YOUR Team

Why to take the whole company overhead for each of your employees and pay enormous government taxes when you can build your own team abroad? You can use simple outsourcing model for your software development or choose to establish a team, dedicated to your business and your company.

In Nemetschek Bulgaria we believe that in long-term perspective, it is much more profitable to rely on a partner than to hire project-oriented specialists. We have turned our vision into a consistent business, allowing you to have a dedicated team, built upon your requirements, relevant to your culture and fitting you company attitude.


Partnership Model

A partnership is a tailored business relationship based on mutual trust, openness, shared risk and shared rewards that results in business performance greater than would be achieved by the two firms working together in the absence of partnership.”

(“Building High Performance Business Relationships” by D. Lambert, A. Knemeyer and J. Gardner)

This quote answers our understanding of partnership and what we offer you is a long-term partnership approach in everything we do. What is required is trust, openness and readiness to engage.

Expert Knowledge

We have 250 professionals on board, with lots of experience and expertise in various technologies.Through the years we understood that good technology skills are not enough for professional work.

This is why we educate our people to be good consultants as well. We believe it is our advantage not only to proceed with customer’s requirements, but to be able to advise and consult, relying on our experience in different business domains.

Follow Common Processes

When you work with partners on a distant mode, it is important for you to know that you follow common processes in order to deliver what you both consider “a good quality”.

Working with big corporations we are used to follow CMMI model, as well as to be flexible and combine proven AGILE processes and methodologies for software development and project management, such as Scrum and Kanban.