Our personal development program won a prize at the Annual HR Awards Ceremony

February 5, 2019
Last week at the annual HR awards in Sofia, a project we had implemented in our company won the recognition of the Bulgarian Association for People Management. The prize went to our long-term partners from InManagement, who helped us execute this program and were granted with the statue for HR Consultancy Project of the Year.

We were happy to share our success story, because this is one of these projects, which results make you satisfied and motivated to do further efforts.

As a company, we continuously invest in our people to grow as professionals. But what we felt missing, was a more generic training on our development as human beings. Not just specialists in a certain area. We believe that being a better person, able to control your own internal world, makes you a better colleague, who’s able to communicate properly. And all of this turns you into a way better employee – being more independent, responsible and engaged.

This is why, together with InManagement, we settled a training program, open to everyone in the company, regardless their position or time spent with us. The project was focused on raising the level of our emotional intelligence, which means higher self-awareness and control, better understanding about our impact on a company level, acceptance of others in the team and more solid base for building stronger working relationships.

“We’re talking about everyday stuff – simple, natural and yet so hard to notice from many… It was really useful to see how different people react to one and the same situation and realize how many points of view exist.” This is just one of the examples of the feedback we got after the first phase of this project and many more are still coming. “It was interesting to see that we can actually control our emotions, attitude, focus etc… – things that definitely lead to better team spirit, therefore working environment, therefore – results.”

Seeing our people so devoted to invest in their personal development, we added an additional opportunity to dig deeper with the help of personal coach, so that they can work on issues where their teammates, team leaders or other specialists in the company can’t be of such a great help. And it was again so well accepted.

Now we’re eager to continue with the second phase of the project, where we include also measuring and individual goals setting to build upon our level of emotional intelligence as an organization.

“After the second edition of the program we’ll be able to measure the behavioral change, which is a desired result. We believe that the more people are going through this, the higher level of autonomy and professional maturity we’ll have within the company.”, says George Brashnarov, CEO of Nemetschek Bulgaria.