Nemetschek Bulgaria at ВаlRЕс 2019: Demystifying PropTech

November 12, 2019

PropTech might be a new term for many. But it refers to technology that has been around for years and years. What’s new are the challenges facing real estate companies when handling high-end technology solutions and adapting to the new rules of the market. That was the main argument of Nemetschek Bulgaria General Manager and chieftain George Brashnarov during his appearance as a panelist at the ВаlRЕс 2019 Panel Alpha 5 – PropTech: digitization and the real estate market.
Nemetschek Bulgaria joined headline sponsors of the ВаlRЕс annual business forum, held at Ѕоfіа Еvеnt Сеntеr on November 7th 2019, marking yet another successful collaboration between the leading Bulgarian software company and the largest real estate conference platform around. More than 400 professionals from various fields of expertise, including investors, consultants, project managers, lawyers and software specialists gathered for a day of feature presentations and panel discussions on the investment climate in Bulgaria, development opportunities and challenges in the office, retail, hotel and residential sectors.
Brashnarov and Nemetschek Bulgaria’s participation were no mere formality – for years now we have striven to communicate better with business partners and explain the ways it can benefit their development. Part of that communication process is demystifying PropTech – still an ambiguous term to some, and “the one answer to all real estate problems” to others. Time and time again, Nemetschek Bulgaria has stressed that before looking for high-tech solutions to mounting issues, companies should first make active effort to change and better their business model and organizational culture.
Thus, property companies should be proactively embracing technology and innovation, but bridging the gap between technology and them should go hand-in-hand with implementing a customer-centric model.
These steps would help real estate businesses achieve:

  • more effective decision-making by analyzing well structured and visualized data
  • maintenance cost optimization
  • more effective tenant engagement and improved tenant communication

When looking for innovative software solutions, property companies should thread carefully – going for expertise, long-term experience and outstanding reputation. All of these are benchmarks of software companies like Nemetschek Bulgaria – forward-thinking and always a step ahead.