How to help young people find their way and why should we?

July 15, 2015

We all remember the time we were in school, been pushed by parents and teachers to study harder, without having a clear reason to do it.

And even if we did, we were then facing another problem – what should we do with this knowledge? How to find out what we really want to do in life? How to be successful?

All these questions might or might not appear in young people’s minds, but they all need help to understand how to use the knowledge they have and most of all – how to make decisions.

Engaged in this topic, believing that what we are doing does matter, our colleagues from Nemetschek Bulgaria joined the initiative “Future Is Code”, aimed to raise the awareness of IT professions among students in high schools. In an interview with them they share ideas of how everyone of us could help motivate and educate young people and what benefits do we have by doing it.

You can read the whole article (in Bulgarian) here.