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Full Stack Developer (Java/Angular) REF #

The kind of people we need

We are looking for mature software engineers with a good technical skillset. People who understand that knowledge in the business world is very important
for the development of great applications. People who are willing to work with real professionals with various expertise and embrace teamwork.
And, well, you know – good working English is a requirement.

The Team

We are building a new team of about 5 people. Each of them needs to gain enough domain knowledge and get proficient in the tools and frameworks used.
As an introduction, the first tasks will gravitate around mainstream development. Working closely with the client’s scrum master and stakeholders (by the way, they are awesome ;)),
soon the team will need to be able to implement and deliver full features.

The project and technologies

In general, the vehicle diagnostic software consists of three major parts: vehicle model, procedures and application that wraps up in a human-readable interface.
Our team is involved in the last part – the application that is deployed on diagnostic devices.

The main focus during the development of such a tool is quality and usability. It will be used by thousands.
Bugs can potentially cause harm to someone’s car or even endanger a life.
That is why we need responsible professionals to join the team and help them do quality work.

For this particular project, we work with BOSCH Automotive Service Solution Division.
They are a world leader in providing software for the automotive industry – for vehicles and workshops.
The technologies that you will need to use are JAVA8, AngularJS, Protractor, Karma, Bower.
General understanding of ODX and OTX diagnostic standards is an advantage since you will be able to dive into the project easier.

The Company

Nemetschek Bulgaria is one of the first independent software houses in Bulgaria.
From the very beginning, we recognize our people as the company’s greatest asset.

We build long term relationships with the people we work with – both colleagues and partners. We prefer developing complex solutions that bring great value to their users.
This requires flexibility and lots of professionalism. Of course, it is harder than just looking for quick wins, but it is more satisfying.
This is the reason we are proud to be known as an excellent employer and highly professional software services provider.

We thank all applicants for their interest. However, only short-listed candidates will be contacted personally and invited for interviews.

Who we are

Nemetschek Bulgaria is the Intelligent Choice of successful companies worldwide. We are close to 300 professionals, boosting our creativity while having fun together. It goes along with professional work and high recognition for over 20 years.

As a software company we like to think that our inspiration and masterpiece of work reach people from all over the world and even have an impact on their lives.

We invest skills, ideas and passion in every single thing we do, because this is how we like it.

What we offer

Here you can experience the freedom to express your talent and skills, to challenge us with weird ideas and make your own work-life balance.

The trainings we provide are a great chance to extend your know-how. Once you get here, feel free to make mistakes - this is the best way to learn. And don’t forget to take the most out of your colleagues ‘cause we have an army of wizards.

What else do we offer?
We’ve got a slide in the office. Not just beds, yoga room, massages, gym, billiard, table tennis, foosball and fruits. Having fun while working is what we do naturally. Join us and see what it is like!

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