Bulgaria’s software industry is a reliable and innovative partner hungry for talents

May 22, 2013

Bulgarian software firms have changed a lot during the past ten years – from outsourcing contractors into developers of own products and value-added services, and they need more good employees and leaders than ever.

“During the last few years, the Bulgarian software industry has proven its maturity and sustainability by generating sales growth and creating new jobs in a very difficult economic environment”, said George Brashnarov, Chairman of the Board at BASSCOM. ” I believe that the root of this positive trend is the transformation of companies in the sector, which has already happened in the years before the crisis – from a cheap outsourcing destination Bulgaria turned into a recognizable manufacturer of products and services with high added value. This very change contributed to the country’s recognition as a global player in the development of complex IT solutions and independent products which does not rely on competitive prices only, but on high quality as well.

I’m expecting this positive trend to continue during the coming years, which means the sector will suffer not from a lack of customers, but from the ever-increasing shortage of professionals needed to meet the growing demand. According to our estimates, without proper educational reform, within 10 years the volume of the Bulgarian software market will be twice smaller than the possible scenario if our reform proposals are accepted and the educational system succeeds to generate the experts needed by the industry. BASSCOM is recognizing the lack of quality recruits as the major problem for the industry and we are confident that whether the software industry will become a structural determining sector for the Bulgarian economy in the future depends on the solution of this problem.”

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