Atlassian summer talk

Atlassian Summer Talk is a gathering of current and potential Atlassian users, organized by the local Atlassian expert – Nemetschek Bulgaria.
We are welcoming anyone, interested in identifying what is the most adequate software solution for his business needs.
  • Support center
  • Portfolio and program management
  • Increasing visibility cross teams and new ways for collaborative work together
At this event you will be presented the newest Atlassian product – JIRA Portfolio and a walk through of the newest sensation JIRA Service Desk the rising star for help desk teams.

Your participation to this event will bring you:
  • Bulgarian and international customer solutions to inspire from
  • Meet Atlassian Sven Peters evangelist as key note speaker
  • Meet local users and specialists that will share with you their Atlassian success experiences
  • Hands on solutions to apply immediately
  • News from the source and future trends in software industry to catch

You can download the presentations of our speakers.

Meet our speakers


Annie Ioceva

Atlassian unit lead, Nemetschek Bulgaria


Boyan Angelov
Senior Atlassian expert, Nemetschek Bulgaria


Sven Peters
Atlassian evangelist, Atlassian