Another portion of great ideas or “Hack for future”

April 29, 2015

Well, here it is – HackFМI 5 with another portion of great ideas, a lot of coding, fun, emotions and young enthusiastic hackers.
That pretty good describes the fifth hackathon marked by the slogan “Hack for future”.

Over 150 students gathered @the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics of Sofia University (FMI) to “hack for future„ and to prove
that their ideas have no limits. Some of the great projects were: smart to-do list with semantic and syntax analysis, android app which
selects the music according to the driving speed, automated event registration system and etc.
Potholes and mobile app … do you think these two have something in common? No… Well, they have!
The team called “El Romantico” won the first place of the 5th hackathon with this great app, useful for all drivers.
Are you curious about it? Well, just start the application from your device while you are driving, it will detect and record all the bumps on the road…
and that’s not all. While recording, the app creates so called heat map with all the bad roads on a village, so you can avoid them. Useful, ah? 😉
Our mentors Elitsa Pavlova and Georgi Sinekliev, developers @Nemetschek Bulgaria supported the Hack teams by giving them
some special directions, advices and guidance. They gave Nemetschek’s special prize to We Love C++ team for developing a gesture-enabled keyboard.
This is a motion detection of a person’s gestures in attempt to achieve keyboard writing without actual keyboard.
So congratulations to all the participants and special applause for all the winners 🙂
Other winners and their projects can be found at: