July 28, 2015

THE PROJECT There are about 12 million farmers in Europe, most of them producing cereal and oilseed commodities. These farmers are the largest producers of wheat – 29% of the world production and sunflower seed – 70% of the world production. Each of these farmers is responsible for the food production for 155 citizens of…

How to help young people find their way and why should we?

July 15, 2015

We all remember the time we were in school, been pushed by parents and teachers to study harder, without having a clear reason to do it. And even if we did, we were then facing another problem – what should we do with this knowledge? How to find out what we really want to do…

New generation of IT talents

July 2, 2015

HackTUES is a proof that in Bulgaria there is a new generation of IT talents! This weekend, 85 students in 17 teams competed in creating a project which will help the educational process in TUES. The idea is helping students to acquire practical insight for developing software in a cool and friendly atmosphere.The task was…