Another portion of great ideas or “Hack for future”

April 29, 2015

Well, here it is – HackFМI 5 with another portion of great ideas, a lot of coding, fun, emotions and young enthusiastic hackers. That pretty good describes the fifth hackathon marked by the slogan “Hack for future”. Over 150 students gathered @the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics of Sofia University (FMI) to “hack for future„…

#Outsourcing – the buzz word that can help you grow

April 17, 2015

About ten years ago the word “outsourcing” was simply associated with low costs and India. Nowadays, both are not so accurate, because outsorcing has become a growing business for lots of companies, mainly in Asia and Eastern Europe. The increasing market demand and the new players had positioned the outsourcing services as well-paid ones in…